Monday, July 28, 2008

That much for a taxi?

I have to share this. Yesterday I went to pick up a kid from "tap kids" at the Hampton inn hotel in elmsford. I walked in the door, found the kid (John) and he asked me how much it was to Westchester airport. $35, I answered. Then, a woman standing near the front desk yells, "$35 to Westchester airport? It's only 20 minutes away". Man, she caught me off guard there. All I could say to her was, "well yeah, every time I go to get gas, I say, but it's only oil pumped from the ground!"

What I should have told her was that my wife's Aunt was just charged $185.00 for an estimate for her home air conditioning system. What ever happened to "free quotes"?

What I should have asked her was, "what kind of work does you or your husband do?" and then compared the right to compensation for work performed.

By the way, it's not really 20 minutes, it's 40 minutes because we come back empty. 40 minutes of my time +wear and tear on taxi +traffic, +$7 worth of gas used, yeah, $35 is not that bad.

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