Monday, July 14, 2008

Over 2 weeks for Tarrytown taxi license

In late April I submitted all of my paper work to the village of Tarrytown to renew my taxi vehicle permit, taxi "hack" license and my business license.

Even though I submitted all of my paperwork in April, I had a hard time meeting up with the cop (Det. Byrnes) so he could take my fingerprints. It seems he is the only officer that can take fingerprints for taxi drivers? That makes no sense. Another thing that does not make sense is that he only performs this incredible feet on Fridays between 9:00 AM and 11:00 Am, um, if he's available. So being Friday is one of the busiest days in the taxi business, I just could not match up with this guy. I can't believe that no one else can do fingerprints.

One part of getting a taxi license in Tarrytown is getting your fingerprints done. What this means is a Police officer takes your fingerprints and ships them to Albany. When I asked Officer Byrnes why this is done he said "this is so we know if you have committed any crimes since the last time we took your fingerprints".

Funny, I thought to myself. I now that cops can put your name in a computer and find out all about your criminal record. I don't know, it just seems stupid. I also think that it is stupid since half the taxi drivers in Tarrytown don't even have taxi driving permits.

To be on the safe side, I went to Dobbs Ferry, applied for and received my taxi license in a week. The only reason it took this long is because the girl in the village clerk's office went away for 3 days or so. No fingerprints, no waits, just apply, pay and go to work.

So as far as Tarrytown, I wait and wait.

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