Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Las Vegas and other Casino hot spots will fall..

I lived in Las Vegas from 1987 until 1993 at which time I moved back to New York. A typical Friday night might have been to go to the paddle wheel for the $9.95 all you can eat ribs. Beef or pork, finger licking good, I mean, they were the best. Want more salad, no problem, that was included too, along with the mouth watering, fresh made sour dough bread, with plenty of soft, home made honey butter, butter with a hint of sweet honey.
Taking advantage of the cheap tourist attractions was one of the benfits of living in Las Vegas.
Well, that place is gone, and as far as I'm concerned, many, many more will continue to follow.
I remember in the late 80's, early 90's walking through the casinos, the sounds, the music, the cling, cling, cling of coins falling out of the machines of hope (slot machines) also known as one armed bandits.
Something else that interested me and helped me realize the soon falling of Vegas and Atlantic City, was the amount of older people playing slot machines, shooting craps and trying their hand at blackjack.
I remember once seeing an elderly woman, with an oxygen tank hooked up to her nose, smoking a cigarette while playing 2 slot machines.
These elderly people are the ones who had good pensions. Something that more and more workers will not be entitled to. These were the people who worked maybe in a simple position as a telephone operator, or a worker on an assembly line. These are the persons receiving benefits from their job and the Government for serving in one of many wars. These type of people are becoming fewer and fewer. As more and more persons in their 60's and up continue dying off, this will hurt the gambling industry severely, bringing further collapse to Las Vegas in particular. Las Vegas was also a great place to retire, but those types of retirees have, well, died.
Except for person who are blessed with civil service Jobs, especially those blessed with $100K salaries or more, people of the future will no longer be able to afford the fun of gambling. Another thing to look at is the type of people growing up in the U.S.
I can't picture half these kids growing up taking any interest in gambling, but rather operating a sushi bar or growing organic foods.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Want jobs? Shut down the internet and robotics

While the Internet had made some people billionaires overnight, it also has killed thousand and thousands of jobs. Think about it. Things we used to have other people do, airline reservations, mail, hotel reservations, car rentals, recipes, books, music, can all be done form your desk at home. no more record stores, book stores are shutting down here and there, reservationists are dwindling, you can hardly find a travel agency anymore.
In car assemble plants, robots are replacing people, where it used to take 2 people to install a windshield, it now only takes one, if any.
So there you have it. Do away with robotics and the internet, and within 6 months, 1 million people will gain employment.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Missing New York girl in Indiana

Often I have premonitions. One time while in my office in Irvington NY, I was watching CNN and a story came up about a girl missing in Utah. Looking at her picture I started to spew. "she's with a guy who worked in the house withing the past six months, doing carpentry work, she is located in a city north of her home, the name of the town or city is a woman's name". A guy named Jimmy (who was working with me at the time) took note along with "you're nuts".
The girls name was Elizabeth Smart. A few months later, she was found. In a city named "Sandy" Utah, with a guy who did in fact work as a day laborer in her house just weeks before kidnapping her.
No, my new premonition involves this girl from New York who is missing in Indiana. The clues that came to my mind were, a guy in a helicopter looking down and the mention of turkey. The other day I had a minor fender bender with a woman driving a 2004 Pontiac Aztec, a car I never heard of. so here is where it gets weird.
I went to google maps and looked up a turkey farm in Bloomington Indiana, low and behold there is one, a few miles south of where this girl went to school. Then I searched for helicopter, low and behold there is a helicopter service located to the north of her school, and , yep, you guessed it, a company called Aztec electronics located in Bloomington Indiana. Now, what's interesting, is when you look at these locations, a straight line is almost formed and it goes very close to her school.
Now, this could just be a bunch of B.S. I came up with, but If I had it my way, I would search a 1/2 mile radius at the helicopter place, turkey farm and Aztec electronics and any small bodies of water near them.
The point of all this is that there is no way to contact authorities without being looked at as some kind of wacko. One psychic that I emailed said that one is better off doing there own research, looking for a body etc, and then contacting the authorities. Better have a good alibi though lol...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Storms, tsunami on East Coast

I don't know what happened, I wrote a 4 paragraph post about a month ago, clicked on post and It's nowhere to be found.

Any who, I had mentioned again, and I've said this many times before, housing prices will plummet to 1993 levels. NY will follow slowly, only because there is still a lot of "old" cash in New York. In New York city, we will still prices of Condos and Apartments go down about 12% over the summer of 2011.

I feel a strong quake Will hit about 300 miles off the East Coast causing a tsunami scare. Soon in the future, I fear, a larger tsunami will follow causing significant damage on the east coast. This will be around 2013-2016. An indication will be when 3 volcanoes of significant sizes will be erupting at the same time, you will almost be able to make a sort of triangle on a map of the globe connecting these volcanoes.

The U.S. economy will continue it's downward spiral, I urge anyone who owns Gold, to sell it soon, because the price will level out and then fall about 30% around the end of 2011 or early 2012. Take the profit you made and sell, walk away and pat yourself on the back, sell 40% or more of your stake in fine metals.