Monday, December 4, 2017

Being prepped for female presidential candidate

Well, it's been a while. Sorry.

So for the past few months, I've been kind of sitting back and analyzing the political and social situations in our country.
Let me first remind everyone, there is not a racist bone in my body. I'm a white guy, 51 yrs. old, 2 kids wonderful wife.
Trump was elected, yeah I voted for him ,one person I work with said it perfectly, "he's the best of the WORST".
The Clintons have hade millions, if not over a billion dollars by exploiting the poor and minorities and she is so fake, believe me, if there was a better female candidate running for President in the last election, I likely would have voted for her over trump.
not going of course, the tearing down of statues, the kneeling at football games and all of these woman coming out accusing men, in some cases over 20 years ago, of sexual misconduct, as far as I'm concerned, are all connected.
These events all "try" to prove or expose one thing, white men and male politicians are bad, evil".
I BET anyone, we will see more female, non-white candidates running for President in the 2020 elections.
If people feel there is injustice in the work place, protest in front of that company's headquarters. If there is a Police agency abusing their powers, protest in front of the headquarters of those offending, go the town or city meetings and show your anger and frustrations.
Kneeling at a sports event while paying respect to those who died for us and our freedom is a shame. Those doing so should consider expressing their feelings and conclusions differently and not disrespect the fallen and injured defending your freedoms.
So, in summary, watch as men, particularly white, in the U.S. are brought down leaving the door open for a non-white female presidential candidate in 2020.

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