Monday, September 10, 2012

Who will win the 2012 Election?

Although he is not my favorite choice, I feel Obama will win. It will be a tight race, but I feel he will walk away a winner and we will see more "change" that most of us who work and pay taxes, don't want to see.
Yes, we need some sort of main health care program for the residents of this country. Medicare, medicaid, SSI, Disability, Workers Comp., oh the confusion, fraud, waste.
Do we need gun control? We already have it. I own a coupe of rifle, and am looking forward to getting a pistol permit.
I remember the elbow to elbow crowd of people seeking pistols at my local gun shop, just after Obama was elected. The hype, the fear, what nonsense.
Some people ask "why would someone want to own a gun that can hold 30 shots?". I ask, why would someone want to own a car that can do 150 MPH? Or, why would a coupe with one child own a 3,000 square foot house? Why? Because it's their choice and an expression of their freedom.
As far as this election, it's all about jobs and the economy. We can't all be car factory workers, lawyers, teachers and doctors. We need JOBS!!!!
Good Luck to Mitt and Barrack.

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