Sunday, November 30, 2008

Terrorism, job losses, poor Holiday spending will cause stocks to fall..

It's been a while since I have posted. Rights now it's Sunday 11/30/2008.

The dow is presently 8,829. On Monday, I predict good news will come out about people shopping on "Black Friday" but soon after, reports will come out again about job losses and more foreclosures.

Monday, stocks will rally and probably end up about closing 300 - 400 points lower, but they might even go over 9,000 points at sometime during the day.

During the middle of the week, bad news will come. By Friday stocks will close at about 8,200 to 8,500 points.

More terrorism will happen in countries or a country with strong ties to the US. Something weird is in the works with Russia.

If the dow hits 7,200 or below for more than 3 weeks, we are in big, big trouble.

I have a strong feeling about buying GM stocks, crazy as it may sound.

Oil will soon rise to about $55 a barrel as Opec cuts production to offset lack of consumption.

This slowing economy will effect everyone, even those with "good" jobs.

We are truly becoming more of a global economy in which we will become equal to other countries around the world. Standards of living will drop, people will have fewer children.

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King of New York Hacks said...

Cool blog, just found you. I work on Wall St during the day and drive my NYC cab at night, nice outlooks on the economy. I'll link you up on my blogroll.